Ferrata delle Taccole

Ferrata delle Taccole

Degree of difficulty: EEA

It takes: 05.00-07.00 hours

Point of departure: Monte Baldo Refuge

Point of arrival: Ferrata of Taccole

Difference in level: 1300m


From Monte Baldo Refuge, following the way No. 652, please climb up the meadows and, with a long crossing through the copse, reach the base of the meadow clearing of Aquenere‘s hut where you can take the mule track coming from Dossioli’s hut.

Take this way to the left (south) for few minutes, and then climb up steeply the way in order to see the Gen. Graziani vehicular road.

Take the way, which diagonally climbs up the pastures, and go on among the mountain pines to Sasso Del Diavolo (1850 m), a big isolated rock at the foot of Pettorina summit.

From here, among drift and rock fragments covered by the grass, you can reach the mule track not so far from the crest and in few minutes you will get to the ridge and Telegrafo Refuge (2200m ).

After about 20 minutes of walk on the way No. 658, you find a wonderful col and few steps next it, on the right side; you can find the first metal plate of the ferrata. In order to reach the beginning you have to go down for about 100 m through a steep and crumbly canyon, which luckily you do not have to climb up on the return, and which represents perhaps the most disagreeable part of the whole excursion. The beginning is very full of charm because it consists of a long chimney, which is very well equipped with ropes and artificial supports. At the end of this chimney, go on the right side, diagonally on easy rocks with facilities. You will find a crack with a linear development. Then please turn suddenly left, about halfway.

At the end of this long passage, about 40 m, you will see a small stop balcony and the beginning of the third and last vertical part of the way with a difficult intermediate passage which you can front thanks to the artificial equipment or learning the many natural supports that are present.

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